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Cave Springs Motorcycle Rally 28-29 July 2023,

The 10th annual Cave Springs Motorcycle Rally and Music Festival:A triumph for Motorcycle Safety and Awareness was an event to remember, with the Gena McLeod Memorial Foundation leading the charge in advocating for motorcycle safety. With its partners for change, The Motorcycle Riders Foundation and Georgia Motorcycle Safety Alliance, the foundation, showing an unwavering commitment. We rallied its members to raise funds and solicit new members, for their lobbying efforts in both the state capital and Washington D.C. Their mission: to push for new laws that would ensure the safety of motorcyclists on our roads. Despite scorching temperatures, the event drew a dedicated crowd, proving once again that the motorcycle community stands in their pursuit of safe riding conditions.

The Cave Springs Motorcycle Rally and Music Festival has become an annual fixture in the calendar of motorcycle enthusiasts, attracting riders from all over the Georgia and beyond. This year’s event was particularly significant as it marked a decade of camaraderie, music and, most importantly, a shared community honoring and remembering a woman who tragically lost her life in a motorcycle accident, keeping her legacy alive played a vital role in raising awareness and funds for the cause.

The foundation’s effort was commendable, as they recognized the importance of lobbying for new laws to protect motorcyclists. With the funds raised during the rally our members will be able to champion the cause of motorcycle safety in both State and Federal legislatures. By engaging with law makers and advocating for stricter laws, education and regulations, the foundation aims to reduce accidents and create a safer environment for all riders.

The loyal members of the Gena McLeod Memorial Foundation showed their unwavering support by braving the scorching heat at the rally. They understand the importance of raising awareness and standing together as brothers and sisters in the motorcycle community.

The Cave Springs Motorcycle Rally and Music festival not only provided an opportunity for riders to come together and enjoy the freedom of the open road, but it also served as a platform to shed light on the pressing issue of motorcycle safety and awareness. By being a part of this event, the foundation and its supporters demonstrated that they are not just riders; they’re advocates for change and champions for the wellbeing of their fellow riders.

As the 10th annual Cave Springs Motorcycle Rally and Music Festival drew to a close, the motorcycle community celebrated not only a successful event but also the progress made in their ongoing fight for motorcycle safety. The Gena McLeod Memorial Foundation’s efforts will undoubtedly have a lasting impact, as they continue to push for new legislation to protect riders on our roads.

In conclusion the weekend was a great success, thanks to the dedication of the members of the Gena McLeod Memorial Foundation, the Georgia Motorcycle Safety Alliance and the Motorcycle Riders Foundation. We can be positive knowing all its members commitment to raising awareness in Washington D.C. and our own State capital. We can be confident that positive change is in the horizon and the fruition of Gena McLeods legacy continues.







Supported Lil Wolf Ministries 22 July 2023.  

This past Saturday was a beautiful day for a little wind therapy. Our group showed our support for Lil Wolf ministries benefit ride. The biggest highlight of the event was the purpose behind the ride . Money was raised for little wolf's journey across the United States to spread the gospel. It was a great turn out with more than 50 bikes. After the ride our group made a stop for lunch, time for tasty food and always lots of laughs with this bunch. One of the aspects that sets us apart is the unwavering support we give one another and the ability to always have fun.